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Hello December. Opps!

What a misleading title.
I should write hello January instead.
Ha ha.

Okay where do I start? Hmmm...

We had our long holiday last week and all of us feel super fresh back from the hols, I suppose. Not to mention the works at the ofc (never ending). What we need is just a get together time and alhamdulillah all went well. We took 3 days of leave and got to spend all 9 days in total of holidays. We went to penang to chill for 3 days (2 days spent at Kidland) and the rest lepak dekat my hometown. Our parents joined the penang trip during day 1. You can't imagine the traffic in Penang during school holiday. Jammed! Took us hours to reach hotel. Dah la nak naik feri beratur pun almost more than 1 hour. But it's worth it and the kids mmg enjoyed it! Even my mom pun ckp dah berapa puluh tahun dia tak naik ferry. So ok la. Dapat makan kari kepala ikan batu maung, and tetiba ter'stay pulak overnight dekat hotel. Hahaha. The initial plan is my parents takde la nak stay pun, but the …