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I need a mini-shopaholic!!

Chill ppl. It was just a title of the new shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. They have released a hard cover version (MPH online) but I can't afford to buy that one just yet. These will soon be the intriguing bit during my leisure. Can't wait!!

Here's the book and the snippets I am talking about.

It says: "Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) thought motherhood would be a breeze - but it's trickier than she thought. Two-year-old Minnie is a little tearaway who has created havoc everywhere from Harrods to Harvey Nicks to her own christening. She hires taxis at random, her favourite word is 'Mine', and she already has a penchant for Balenciaga bags. Becky is at her wits' end. On top of this, she and Luke are still living with her Mum and Dad, there's a big financial crisis so everyone's having to Cut Back - including all her personal shopping clients - and her husband Luke is feeling low after the death of his beloved stepmother. To cheer Luke up, Bec…