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Sara n shoes

This might be an overstatement. Sara seems to "inherit" me. Hehe. Really ok. Its clearly seen when we went for shopping, her tendency is more to shoes. She loves shoes. Bila masuk kedai kasut, be it kasut budak2 or adult shoes, you will find her belek2 those shoes. N she even put it on a try. Like mother, like daughter. Oh need i say more, no?

Oh, these one i will not forget. Haha. Never. So, We went to paradigm mall today n sara bought a pair of shoes at unbeatable price. Uhuk uhuk it is uhuk Rm179 uhuk after 10% discount #cough#. Like helloooo?? Tgk harga pun mama boleh pengsan ok sayang. Even my shoes are only half of urs. Oh sara..sara. btw tkpelah, mm said its a 'bonus' treat for her. I was like, ok. But it was really a super extremely comfy n nice 'cat' alike shoes. Sesuai dgn si kecil penggemar cat ini. :p

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We're home!

We are back from holiday. It was a splendid time we had in s'pore. 3days pack of activities. Well i hv to say tht those place is a great place for a holiday.
Will update post of our vacation in a short while. In a meantime, lemme just settle these basketfull of laundry first. Fuhhhh!
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Well just so you know my final exam for this semester was officially over, yesterday. Hurrah! #ombak~
and I am having these body aching and feel like the flu is coming.

on another story, well of course si cantik Sara Hana. She' s suffering from cough and flu. Getting better Alhamdulillah. The things are with these little girl, she sleep very very very late. 11 pm is consider early for her. And normally she will sleep around 12-1 a.m. Oh sangat penatnye mama. Ya la sometime we had a hectic and tiring day that we wish we could have a good long early sleep. Tapi anak ku masih cergas di kala mama n ayah sudah near to collapse haha. that's my kid. And I love her!! Sara yang pandai dan cantik dan baik budi kan.. :)

Now she likes to pretend to play kedai makan whereby she is the waiter and she is also the cook. Nak ambik order siap tanya kami, "Mama nak ape?" "Ayah nak apa?" dengan gaya seorang waiter mengambil order dan menunggu order. Like funny ok. And then if …


Mode study bermula. My first paper is tmrw morning ok haha. Ok cool I know its kind of late but that's all I have so wish me the bestest luck, all the good luck on earth.

Oh btw, good luck my darling sweetheart MM. He's having his first paper tmrw afternoon.
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Ok ok

Well ok ok I have been reaaaaal busy ok. No joke. I sleep around 3 a.m every night since Thursday. And I didn't take nap during weekend or even when I was on the off day. I have 2 asgs to submit tomorrow morning, a killer paper on Wednesday. Well I can't say much on the preparation this time around, maybe baru 20-30% kot. Oh boi. I am at my wits end.
Ok what ever. No stress. No tense.
So yesterday we went to ikea. And after that had a late supper at our fave mamak at kota damansara. I loved late night supper. Used to. Its just that we have kid, now and I am getting old, so nightlife is a bit hmmm, malas lah.
Sara, on the other hand dah pandai snap photo of herself and others. I don't know, maybe nowadays gadget is getting sooo user friendly, or is it "kids friendly or baby friendly"? Too friendly? Haha.
That's all for this week. might need another week or two for another post, perhaps. Final exam ok, we're dealing with. Bukan main2 punya ni.

Ok wish m…

Fireworks @putrajaya 2013

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