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Happy 5th birthday Sara Hana

Happy birthday sayang. You are 5! But no matter how old are you, you will always be my little girl and my no.1. Mama ❤️ you wholeheartedly. I pray that Allah will protect you, will grant you with success in life, in this world and hereafter, grant u the best of health, the bountiful prosperity, a blessed long-happy-meaningful-life, the smooth journey, and that Allah will bless u and guide your steps forever. I pray that you will grow up to be a wise person, amanah and among the greatest person during your time. I pray that Allah will grant you the greatest Syurga tanpa dihisab. Aamiin ya rabbal 'alamin.
Sara  Tau tak Sara ni anak yang baik. Rajin. Bijak. Manja. Kakak yang penyayang. Adib is such a lucky person to have you as a sister. And we are indeed very proud to have you as a child. You have all the good values and qualities gifted from Allah.
Thank you sayang from bringing such a joy into our (read mama ayah) life and my heart.
Thank you sayang sebab selalu sayang mama.

Siblings ❤️ [read:love]

Alahai melting ❤️ (insert love love love emoji) Tabarakallah anak2 mama Sara & Adib

Nak update sikit je

Ah title pun dah tahapehape

1. Sara's bday is just around the corner. Friday ni she will be celebrate her bday at school for the 2nd time. Last year dah. Cake tema hi-5. This year around she requested a Hello Kitty theme cake. Layan je. Knowing her, a bigg fan of HK. So i ordered her cake from Lynn_babycake from instag. Will pickup the cake tomorrow (Thursday) in Bangi around 8:30 pm

2. So ysterday, in conjunction with here bday we went to ioi to shop for party pack for her bday. budak skrg ni kemain, birthday je nak kena ada party pack la goodies la haish mcm2. I still remember during my yesteryears kalau kawan ajak kita pegi bday party kat rumah dia mesti kita yang bawa hadiah. beli hadiah kat kedai runcit je pun balut dengan kertas minyak. pencil sebatang pun jadi. hehe. how time flies. and zaman pun berubah. sigh.

3. And still, her bday. Tadi tghari me and le hubs ni went shopping for the ITEMS inside party pack. beli air, jajan sikit.Tu je la pun.

4. Adib dah start his solid …



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Your submission is due on December.

Start counting days. For the sake of 70,000 words.


May Allah ease my writing journey and grant me success. and a scroll.

Believe in yourself.

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