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This is so gonna be for my fiance....

it reminds me that...

I need a new handbag... 30 April to 11 May 2009
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April 29th, 2009 Category: 1Utama, Pavilion, Penang, Suria KLCC, bags5 comments

saje je isi masa lapang

oh I am really truly bored.

and kinda pissed off too.

I hate hypocrites.

I loathe the person who thinks they are SMART enough but apparently the are more than dumb. Like a complete cow. Hahaha.

*ooops was that mean?*


ok I do realize. There's quite an updates.. *eyes rolling*

I Googled "shopaholic cartoon" and here are what I've got. Some of 'em are pretty cute. Ain't it?

Did you notice that everything related to shopaholic always come in PINK? shopping = pink = girl.. oh it is so cliche.

oh boi. I hope this is the final crap for today. toddles. . .

bobbi brown platinum collection

This is definitely gonna make my day. I have secured myself a slot at 1. Hurrah!

tagging the tag

Upload your favourite pictures and state why you like them?

aksi paling berani seorang 'hana' yang sebenarnya penakut. huhu :D

When was the last time you had pizza?

Last week at the hotel. urgh i dont fancy pizza tht much.

The last song you heard?

Lift by Shannon Noll
(Kredits to Nabil )

What do you plan to do after completing this tag?

Go to the kitchen and grab something to eat. Saya berbau sesuatu yang oishii. Lapar...

Besides you real name, what do you like to called as?

Kak ana (instead of kak su. oh pls NO!), hana (as usual) and sha (only to whom it may concern :>). Itu sahaja.

Tag 6 people and next questions are related to these 6 people:

err... sorry but can I just skip this part. but anyhoot, I was tagged by WakPai

ops missed out most important q.

Do you think you are hot?

ask my fiance. :P

what a relief...

hurrah!! i can finally spill the bean. hahaha. exaggerate. well ok, aparently I am done with the internal teaching assessment or what we called here "pemantauan" thingie. and alhamdulillah it was smooth all the way from the start and I am pretty much contented with myself. oh.. can't imagine that I can teach. no acting involved. no self-proclaimed. bravo to self. heheh :D

speaking of which, the fiance is waiting to be assessed too. his part turned out to be in the afternoon soon after the lunchie. ganbatte ne. no rushing baybee.. bento o' mottekimasu. hehe..

aahhh..sooo can't for for a leisury day tomorrow. we're goin for a loveydovey de-to watching movie yada yada. I am prolly gonna used up the shopping voucher that I've got and bought a pair of new shoe...yes people.. after a loongggggg pause of retail session. hihiks

but after all, it is not the shoe, or the movie that matters. it is the togetherness that really counts. it's a pleaaaaaasure.

i lov u f…