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Sara the Brainees :)

[PART 1]

This is the final year Sara in BrainyBunch Semenyih. Time flies. My little girl is going to finish her preschool life soon. Being the state of mom, I realize how important the childhood (read:preschool) moments for my daughter to reminisce when she's grow up. I hope she will always remember her childhood experience and those happy moments she had especially during her preschool years. Alhamdulillah, as parents we are beyond happy knowing that she's having a great time at BBIM and honestly we never, not even once, regretted our decision of sending her off to BBIM. It is a wise decision indeed. Alhamdulillah.

Her aunties took loads and bunches of pictures of Sara and her friends during her years in BBIM. I am still keeping all of them because I love them. Who doesn't love seeing their kid's in action? Especially when they are away from us? I just love all her pics. Credit to the aunties.

Worrying I might lose those photos, so I think I should keep them all…

Bandung 2016

Holiday Destination : Bandung, Indonesia
Duration : 21 - 23 May 2016
Hotel : Sukajadi

I'm idly browsing thro the 1k++ photos in my iphone gallery and tgk2 ada photos during our trip to Bandung early this year. Rasa mcm belum up post on blog, kot. Rugi pulak rasa kalau tak blog abt it. It might be just an ordinary trip but since it is Adib's firstt "over-sea" trip so it deserves a special post. Nothing much to write but the photos would tell a thousand words.

So a trip to Bandung this time mmg trip yg plan last minute. Tak ingat kenapa tiba2 boleh nk pergi bandung but the main reason that i could clearly recall was MM nak beli baju batik  (sbb baju batik dia yg 3 pcs tu dah nak rosak) and that he needs a new belt as well. Boleh gitu? Huhu. ok whatevs. Ok so we got quite a great deal for tix flight and hotel we opt for Sukajadi (4th times here) and transport we choose Hayuka (2nd times with their services). So after all are set, off we go.

Trip kali ni boleh dikira tri…