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potty training

Just a little update. Alhamdulillah, I can say that Sara has achieved 98% on potty training. For the first time yesterday, Sara berjaya poo-poo di toilet. Berjaya!! Great job Sara. Previously, pernah terbabas. Terkucil di dalam panties. Hehe. Kesian. To date, buang air kecil dah takde masalah. Still practicing on pooping. Hence, now I believe kids transitions such as potty training, weaning off will happen naturally. It'll happen when it's time. Tak perlu paksa. Nor to be stressful sangat (which I used to before *sigh*). Slowly we have to keep on motivating them. InsyaAllah. 
Sara dah big girl. Oh my 3-years old little princess. I heart you loads!

Trip to Japan: Part 1


Hari ni macam kurang busy sikit, so I made an attempt to update our recent trip to Japan. Ni baru part 1 hokay, which I have no clue where should I start and whether these Japan story-telling going to end or not. Well just give it a go since atm I am quite determined and highly enthusiastic to share our experiences in Japan. Semangat waja ok.
Ok. Bismillah~
This is the second time we've been to Japan; MM and I. But it is Sara's first time. Bertuah sungguh anak saya, umur 3y.o dah pergi Japan, Singapore, Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari Allah. 
The plan was made long ago, to return to Japan, to be exact Akashi / Kobe / Osaka area. Our first time in Japan was in year 2008 attending a 3 months duration of training as new officer. So basically we've been there for the purpose of work. 3 freaking months; from August - November 2008. Puasa kat sana, sambut Eid Fitri pun kat sana. How sad. But it was one most memorable period for MM and I. Hahahaha, cinta be…

Japan Trip Sneak Preview

Alhamdulillah we've come back from our recent trip to Japan. It was indeed a very exciting trip but hence, very tiring too. We're still exhausted from our trip atm prolly due to the jet lag and penat berjalan. Will update the details of our trip soon. It was indeed a fun and memorable trip.