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What a stressful day.
I knew few things that tempted to the stress. 1. There’s no internet connection here the moment I am very keen to use it. 2. Low production. I only managed to pump total of 10 oz today. Sedih sangat. Morning session = 4 oz Afternoon session = 2 oz Evening session = 4 oz 3. Too much interference to ignore during the pumping session. But they are not to be blamed. I’m using the public room so I have to bear with all the inconvenience. *Sigh* 4. I feel quite blur today. My mind is empty. If there are things, it is actually lingering up ahead. 5. I don’t want to go to the so – called open day in kl day after tomorrow. It is from 8a.m – 4p.m so that means I need to bring my ‘bestfriend’ with me. I pray that there will be a nice place for me to "doing my thing".  Ya Allah… permudahkanlah urusan hambamu ini..Banyakkanlah air susuku untuk anakku. Permudahkanlah perjalanan penyusuan anakku agar dapat memenuhi syariatmu..
But nevertheless, I am determined to pump even thoug…
Sara Hana is 5 month old today =). Alhamdulillah, I managed to breastfeed her until now. I hope she will be breastfed until she is 2 yrs. old. Amin. And syukur, this cutie pie of mine is  healthy, very much happier and more active each days. Asyik nak berlatih meniarap je keje nya. She wokes up as early as 6:30 a.m and bangun-bangun je terus nak meniarap. She loves it when being hold in sitting position. Macam dah besar pulak. =). Anyway, whatever makes her happy, we're the parents are happy to. Very much indeed.

Speaking of baby, I think I need a munchkin bottle brush. Hehe. Dulu rasa macam tak perlu ( i didn't know why such thought exist), tapi skrg rasa mcm perlu pulak bila cuci bottle EBM Sara nampak mcm tak bersih je. Neways, I'm gonna get one this weekend. Add to must buy list.

I just received the nursing inner that I ordered from Thanks kak shu from bajuibu. Now I can wear my favorite tops without worrying about breastfeeding. I have had two nursing…

Labour Part II

I might not be busy today. Hopefully.
As promised, here is the continuation of the Labour Part I entry.
I've been taken to the room around 9:45am on 15th November 2011. That was the day. My guts told me. Even so I did not have any menstrual-like cramps or any contraction at all and there were no labor signs too : water broke or bleeding. Alhamdulillah everything was just fine until the doctor told me it was already 1.5 cm dilated.
10.00 a.m : The midwife came and do some checking to confirm if i was in labor. She gave me 1 unit of oxytocin (Pitocin) through a drip to augment the contraction. There is no sign of contraction yet. Feeling nerveous, I recited surah Yasin to lessen the anxiousness. 
11.00 a.m : Midwife came. They monitor the baby heart rate via CTG and check my blood pressure. I recite Al Mathurat while waiting.
1.00 p.m : My OB (Dr Jamil) came over. He asked me if there is any sign or any contraction. I said not yet. He monitor the heart rate of baby and told me everything…
apple of my eyes ;)
2 April 2011 *she loves the astro remote* 
9 April 2011

I don't know what goes into me. But I feel so stressed out about today. I feel so alone. I feel so empty. I didn't know how to cope. I miss someone so badly. I miss having him around. I miss him a whole lot bunch I can't help myself to even SMILE.
Alhamdulillah..I managed to express 6oz for morning session today. Apparently I had a little fidgety  about today because we never expect things to be going 'well' on Friday. Meeting, briefing session, programs, etc. Typical friday. Alhamdulillah the meeting adjourned early (tak meleret-leret macam dulu) so I managed to catch up with my  pumping schedule as usual. Talking about friday, where I can only pump for 2 session since I have class later in the afternoon (3-5pm).

There are few things that linger in my head. I need to finished up the january's frozen EBM stock so before next week so that I could start to cater Sara with Feb's frozen EBM. 

I have not much thoughts for today. But I am so keen to show the world my little precious. This in her first appearance in Blogger. More will come.

Lunchtime people. Have a nice dishes.

Are they silly?

Pada masa dan ketika ini aku sangatlah menyampah. ada ke orang makan durian dalam bilik office? What a disrespectful manner. If these are the type of people hired to educate youngsters?