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our junior photog

Sara has recently developed a new skill: photography. Well known, she loves posing to camera and suka cam-ho (of course who doesnt? :p) Well, Her previous trademark was peace yg tk berapa menjadi tu. hehe. then comes jelir lidah. haish. but she's too cute regardless of any style she pose. mesti lah kan.  Skrg ni suka ambik gambar pulak. she's like "meh sara ambik gamba". And there goes snap snap and here are some of her masterpiece. Great job, at least..for a junior photographer :)

all kudos to the photog.
and presenting our junior photographer.... 

*drum***** and jeng!!!!!!!
the ever so bubbly Cik Sara Hana!!

ok bye!

Sara Hana is 3 Years Old :)

Sabah Part 2

Okay okay harini ambik masa sikit sambung entry Sabah yang dah berhabuk ni. Bismillah..

We spent the first night loitering in Kundasang and Mount area. On the second day, headed  back to KK town for another "misadventures" mission, lol.

So we went to Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal to take a ferry ride to Manukan Island. FYI Jesselten Point is the main public ferry terminal to Labuan. Provides ferry services to Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi, Sulug and Gaya Island but from what I know Manukan is the most popular marine park among tourist. So we choose to experience Manukan itself.

We spend around 4-5 hours at the island. Sejuk angin laut rasa mcm nak tido je. :) Dah ngantuk apa lagi, cabut balik hotel and zZz for a while. 
At night, we went to The Waterfront. Apa lagi, LOBSTER lah!! hehe. Waterfront is the super famous shopping street and it is quite happening, especially during night time. There are fruitful of food stalls mainly serving seafood. Kepak ayam pun famous jugak kat sana…

KK>Kundasang>Manukan Island: Sabah!! A throwback (Part 1)

Hahaha. I knew it. Can't believe I missed this entry on the list; Our 2012 Sabah trip. T'was way longggggg ago, baby. Long long ago.  Masa tu Sara pun baru je bertatih. Oh sudah lama itu ok. Tapi sbb nak update our "Travel Tale" tu kan so saya gigihkan jugak post entry ni. But rest assured, this is so gonna be a picture heavy post ye dear blog. Layan....
We booked early flight of Malaysia Airlines, from KLIA tu KKIA. Very early indeed we nearly missed the flight ahaks. The last persons to board. Oh to mention, we did pre-book the car (rented) and 2 hotels. 1 in KK and 1 in Kundasang. Kundasang is where the famous Mount Kinabalu is located.

After checked-in at Courtyard Hotel 1Borneo and had some rest, off we drive to Kundasang and check-in at the other hotel - Kinabalu Pine Resort because we planned to initially explore the mount side, and then the city side the latter.
Bytheway, it can take up to 4 hours driving from KK to Kundasang. Quite a tiring but exciting jou…


something i hv been drooling over, is mine. thanks sayang MM for the most impressive anniversary present. 4yrs and counting. Semoga kita bahagia dan kekal  til jannah, n blessed with lotsa kids. Amin ya rabb.

model tetap camera mama.. 😍
bytheway, happy anniversary sayang. i πŸ’– yu eternally. ty for theπŸ“± πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ