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mid term tomorrow

on other note
jobsheet marking
practical assignment marking
carry marks
senate meeting
n tiba2 datang pulak viva panel


need a good rest!


I'm bored.

Well u know why?
It's been a loooonng week when you have to wait and do the counting down. My weekend turned out to be such a "tak ada perasaan" days. Filled with assignments, etc. no leisure. No entertainment. No good sight. No hang out. Everything was a No-No. Urgh!

Stressful :(
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Sara Hana turns 2

Alhamdulillah, my chatterbox baby turns 2 years old today. Despites the non-presence of MM, we still celebrating her birthday. Nothing biggie. A small cake from La Bahome, bawak sara main dekat jusco, and 2 pressies. Ya la for the 2nd birthday kena la 2 hadiah at least kot. Kalau 10 years old would be 10 presents kot? Oh kidding :)

So we have some doa and sesi memotong kek. Pastu syok sendiri makan kek and makan laksa, kononnya jamuan la. (padahal 4org je pun-me, my parents and my brother). Oh, MM was away to Jkt and he'll only be back next tuesday.

P/s:come back soon ayah, we missed you already ^_^

Hello Kitty Town

Sounds great for a toddler. Cats here and everywhere. Sara's gotta love it!

MM, lets? ;)

sara oh sara

feel like posting this :)

A present in advance

Sara is approaching 2 years old in few days time. Well we did not plan any party for her, yet. Perhaps a small family or "anak-beranak" celebration when MM come back from Jkt.

Okay 2 years old it is. Hmmm.. My little baby is really growing up. From a small 2.7 kg baby, approaching approximate 10 kg or more to date. You guys might be wondering how come she is so small. Yes she's small, or to be exact, she's petite. Just like her mama kot. Hehe. Petite. And chatty little ones.Oh, pretty much chatty =)

So at her age, I think she is very well ready for a potty training. She can express her feeling quite well now (okay talking about her age) and she can already tell when she wants to poo. But most of the time after that "poo" came out and insist mama to immediately clean up. Brilliant. Hehe.

So, guess what is the birthday present in advance for a grown up baby?

Or shall we now address her as, toddler?

Well I think we should =)

Happy in advance birthday sweethear…

KUL-BDO: Photos entry

the budget trip that turned out to be not so..

Not so budget. Haha.

Okay. So we went for a 3 days trip to Bandung, again (we've been to Bandung last year on December, remember?). It was supposed to be a budget trip as we planned. But mama goes crazy as she found the cotton shop at Pasar Baru - Sona textile. Oh my the cotton is irresistible. Every pieces is nice and eye catching. Bought 7 pairs of cotton, 5 for me and sara (tema sepasang) and the rest are my wild and sexy design (yes I've got the leopard design of cotton).

Dan terpaksa import lagi 1.6juta from Malaysia, which brought by my brother. Oh, btw my brother did joined us during the trip but he arrived a bit late (night flight).

So, again we stayed at Sukajadi. Was a bit turn off masa dapat bilik. The air-cond was spoiled. Rosak. Plus they were having construction near to our room, ketuk-ketuk bagai. Bising sangat. Wonder how my kid would sleep if these continues. Dengan tak ada aircond nya. Hangin sangat. At first they won't allow us to switch room. But after …