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aah.bestnya today. received the paycheque and I had my first scarf purchased @Arzu, klcc. Yada.yada. Well ok. this month I think am gonna splurge on perfume and new tops(maybe), instead of shoes and handbags. I really need a new perfume. Be it Ralph Lauren (I like RL Hot so much), or DKNY Be delicious or the new Burberry thebeat.

And oh btw, had lunch with hiza & k.zeera @chilis MV. bestnya dpt makan puas2. thehe. Since am on a dash rite now, so I'll just left you guys with the lunchie phots ya.. ;P

... a few

us yang blur hehe ;)

saya yg mesti makan nasi :P

and the rest...

oh bfore i forgot, hPy wkN everyone.. :)

Before I knew it, I ended the 'relationship' with him last night. No more hunting, no more grumpy, no more him. Tho we had known each other for few years, I don't think throughout the years of most of the time being far from one another is sufficient enough for me to say that I very well trust him. Maybe that is not really all about him. Maybe that's more about me. Maybe. Honestly I have to say that I still have the trust issue. I can't trust people easily. I tried. Couple of times. But I just can't. I guess I haven't try harder enough. *shrug*

To be frank. I can't pretend to be the coolest and tak-kisah girlfriend in the world despites all the things that matters to me and him such as his devotion to his work schedule, the whatever rugby and futsal tournaments, the running errands for sisters and whtsnot that pissed me off ; all those stuff that causes our rare meetings, I must have said that I am pretty much torn. Call me selfish, call me intolerable, …

Blogging from the comfy couch of brasmana lobby, kuala perlis. My 1st outstation trip since I work with m*ara. Let the piccas do the works.

My bfast ~tuna croissant @dunkin D

My room
The View from balcony
The girl and the room

Un-heal the boredom

The Official Car

The Car Keys

The agendas


I am currently reading this book

.... will resume back to blogging as soon as I finish the book :P


OK. Seriously. Gimme a break. I don't understand guys. Really. One minute we (ladies) nag nag nag and they (men) will keep silent and still (yes, annoying kan?). and then the other minutes they will come to you like "hey baby, wht r u doin? had ur dinner?". Like whtttttttt?? OhmyGod they are sooo impossible and unpredictable. Are they living in the fool's paradise? Or they like to take things for granted? Or mebbe they're just man. And thts wht man always do. Drat.

Ahhh. emo. emo. Semakin emo.


Tmrw onwards will be a hectic week for me. I will start on the micro-e learning (which I dislike). And then by thursday will hv to go to north for 2 days outstation.

Mogok rajuk versi terhebat akan dilanjutkan sehingga minggu depan.
Terms and conditions apply.

Unless...................... (figure it out boi :P)

alamak.iforgot the title :P

These past few days was a blip. so much tiring. Barang2 kat rumah sangat bersepah. My stuffs; baju, handbags, berbagai2 yg telah dibasuh tapi blom dilipat, etc.etc those were all over the places. So messy. Egh. Maunye tak. Asal balik petang je kuar sampai malam. pastu bila dah got back home boleh je ber enak-enak watching tv and layan internet sampai tertido. Ahahaha.

Today am fasting, again. Two down, another 6 to go. Go go girl. Aahh. Bythaway, had the iftar with galfwend @thecurve. Makan byk giler sampai tak larat nak bangun. hahaha. teruk betul ini orang.

Yestrdy, finally we did had lunch @cozycorner. Lama giler tak pegi sana. Tensi punya pasal straight away drove to ampangpark during lunchtime. tergesa2 jugak la. Sbb undecided kan. Either klcc(boring), ikan bakar belami (jauh dan ramai sangat ok??) and finally go for cozy corner. speaking of those place kan. mmg slalu pax during lunchtime. you even hv to wait to be seated. mcm chilis klcc pulak. Hihiks. I ordered bandung fried ri…


Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. tonite betul2 menensenkan ok? Semua benda yg nak dibuat tak jadi. Tensi. tensiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii macikkkk. Saya tidak suka jika kerja saya tidak siap. Ahhh. Bugger.

Last nite was disastrous. Imagine. Front door punya kunci tak boleh nak bukak. It was like it has been locked dengan sangat hebat. Dah la I left my car key inside. Went out for dinner with bestie @santai,again. Makan dengan sangat byk. Sampaikan waiter kat situ dah kenal aku. Ahahaha. Tak guna betul. And oh back to the door story, nasib baik my bestie tu nak tumpang solat at my hse so takde la sorang2 mcm org gila struggle to open the door. Mmg mcm nak gila. ok? Like seriously dunno wht to do. Rasa mcm nak hentak je pintu but ok its way toooo faaaaaaaar beyond my strength. Mmg aku tak larat. Luckily the oppsoite door neighbie ade. Mcm tau2 je kitorang tgh problem with pintu, dan dan tu dia pun sibuk2 nak cuci lantai depan rumah dia. Thanks to tht abang for helping me ketuk the door knob wi…


Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh macik bosannye. Tunggang terbalik. Did all the stuff I can possibly think of. I did the laundry 3x today. Ate my lunch. Siap buat nescafe o-ice in one small jug. Do house chores, sapu sampah, kemas rumah a bit here and there. Dah buat 10mins routine exercise juga. Ala2 nak keluarkan peluh sikit la kan. Ahahaha.
But.. Im still bored to death. like serious shit. And i dont know wht to do other than blogging. Pathetic hoh?? Cant think of anything else to do. Keluar? Nahh.Panas lah here. Movie? Oh no not again. Shopping? Nah.Dun think its a great idea tho. So.. tido ke? Ahhh bummer I woke up at 10 today so i guess untuk tidor lagi.. its a NO kot.
Mm..maybe am goin out later this eve. I still hv few things to be done.

And for now, I think I'll have the ice cream and Zip and a novel book. Yahh. Brilliant.

ilovesaturday :)

Im too lazy to blog. Mengantuk. Tapi nak tengok kedah vs slngor. Kedah now leading 1-0 at 43:30. Gooooooooood! :)

Watched KLDrift today @cineleisured'sara. Ohmygod I can't believe that I actually bought the "haslam's" movie tix. Sgt saya tidak percaya. Ya la ni sebab the bro yg nak sgt tgk tht movie siap suruh aku booking lagi. Keji terpaksa. But guys. These movie was a great deal. No denial. The action was so damn real and I really admire the values of friendship pictured in tht movie. Really I tell you guys. So go get ur KLDrift tix now. Its worth ur single penny. Saya pun rasa teringin nak own a fast car and do drift. Ahahahahaha. Penat pulak abah gwa nak TOLONG bayar saman nanti. Wekwek :P

After tht, pergi beli bangle lagi di streetmarket, jalan2 kejap & off to OU sbb nak cari kasut since there's not much choices of kasuts @thecurve.
Tiba di OU, masuk zara kejap but couldnt find anything nice there, masuk Forever*21 and bought a pink plain top dan sangat…


Please Press PLAY before you read the entire entry. TQ :D

Juwita Suwito - Wa...

This song means soveryextremelymuch to me. I like every bit of the touchy lyrics and yeah, the melody is such a pleasant too. Whenever I feel like miserable or frustrated, I would listen to this song.. Mmmmm.. tht would mend the sorrow inside.
Life has never been easy. And we need to find the cure of the sadness by our own. Whatever pathetic it is we still have to accept it, innit?


Jaded, a little frustrated
The daylight is gone
And I’ve got to go on all alone
Tears are just over-rated
In a white clouded shroud
I’m awake but my senses are numb

Wanna jump through that open door
And feel the wind like there’s no tomorrow
Arms stretched out wide
Worries subside, here for the ride
The gushing wind between my fingers, in my hair
As I long as I want it to
Until I am ready
Set me down gently
I’m walking again

Lately life has been crazy
The world’s movin’ on
And I’ve got to be strong on my own
Still I know that You’ll guide me


The class finished very early today. Bestnyaaakkkk. So I can go home early a bit and hmm..feeling somuch tedious since I hv no plan for today. So pergi cuci kereta (yg rasanya dh sebulan kot tak bercuci. Ohh kecian my baby s*atria) and then chillin at home, watchin tv or read my fave book saja lah. And besides its raining here so mebbe in any time from now Ill be launching the acara tidor petang secara besar2am. Hakhakhak indah indah :P

Neway had our lunch @klcc aftr class. Then went to park*son and I bought the make up case yg veryyy chic and schwweet sgt. Less than 20bucks. Its such a bargain kan?? Ala.. tu pun sebab I need to redeem the vouchers so I just bought anything that is less crap and agak2 berguna la jugak kan. Jalan2 kejap dalam parkson. Tiba2 terjumpa pulak bana*narepub*lic v*ctoriab*ckham jeans selling at rm349 if am not mistaken lah. Arghhhh tidak.tidak. No. Aku sangat mahu tht jeans lol. but the smallest size they hv there is 27. BR yg lain adalah but I dun want lah. D…

Yesterday.and today

I'm fasting today. Puasa ganti. Booo.The very 1st day of 8s? Since I will be having the whole month of fasting over in japan this year so lemme cherish 'faking-buka-puasa fiest' kat malaysia tercinta ni selagi boleh. Tak kisah lah bukan fasting month of ramadhan pun kan. Who cares? Ahahaha. And speaking of which, I started my day feeling cranky abt my colleague yg pagi2 dah minum air mineral botol 1litre tu infront of me and I was in my thought of 'eh, apa ni minum air ni? puasa lah'. Then opsssie.. ok.. apparently me n the galfwend were the only person yg puasa. Its not bulan puasa ok? =Ok. Tune in back to normal month mode. Ahh bugger sungguh :P
And after tht I cant stop myself from fidgeting of where and wht we'll be having for tha break fast. Terbayang2 nak makan tomyam and bbq chicken with tamarind sauce at thai express. The chicken sgt yummyyy tau. But think of it..the portion is too big for 2pax. The last time i went there was with the babes. So for 3 o…