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Oh wow. what a super hectic weekNd I had. but t'was really fun. and tempting. Well talking about shopping-its always a temptation aite? Boo ho ho.

Saturday & Sunday was filled with lunch date and goss session with the besties. Biasalah. It seems like I am going there forever that I will never coming back kan? Haha. Well anyway, its the thought that counts.. Thanks babes. I lov u guys munchie2 lots. Muah.

Back to shopping mode. I bought 3pairs pants from g2000 and elle and I didnt regret buying. Its a great bargain I tell you because I bought everything at half price. And I also reward myself with an impulse buys of wedges pump from eclipse. Very unusual of me buying the 1" wedges but I lovvvvvvvvvv those shoes alot baby.

Oh. I hv the final exam this tuesday but I still havent do any revision at all. Oh shitttt. Bummer. I better get going now. Till then peeps. Will update soon.



Ahhh. Malasnye nak study. Tmrw ada quiz lagi. And plus しゅくだい pun tak siap lagi. Malas ya amat nyer..... I'd rather lazying around, watching tv and blogging like this. Ahhh. Blissful.

And oh btw, I became sooooo addictive to dramas melayu, thehaslam's drama is not exception. Like I am glued to it. Hahaha. Pathetic kan? yikes hoh but its damn true. Dahlah channel rtm kat rumah ni sangat menyakitkan hati. Terpaksalah guna berbagai cara to get the most quality piccas. And below are one of those............................

Hahaha..can you spot the penyepit kain up there? Sangat ganbatte tak kami? Hahahahaha

And oh speaking of which, my preparation to 日本 masih agak kelam kabut. Ya la. Just so u know there are hell lot of things to be settled and done with. Ugh. Bummer.

Naa. Saya dah dapat sedikit petunjuk utk buat shukudai and study sikit. Till then.

p/s: bon voyage to perol who will be going to qatar tmrw. Sila belajar bahasa 'naam' ok? Ahlan wasahlan. Hahahaha :p


Today is sooo much tiring. I supposed to be at the sgr house tonite since I have to study for tomorrow's test but heckkkkkk, this is the results of me being so forgetful. Stuphittt ok? I left the けいたい (mobile) in class being totally forgetful when and where was the last time the phone was with me. The only thing I did remember was when my ともだち and I were recording the uninvited call from 'withheld' number (I reckon its from hsbc, tht I kindof resist to answer. Well, prolly due to the late payment and whtsnot kot). Thats it. Thats only it. And I only realized that the phone wasn't in my handbag when I was 10km away from the college. Fidgetting to turn back or not to turn back, I finally decided to patah balik. Sakit hati sangat sangat. Dahlah mengantuk.
To cut the long story short, the けいたい wasn't there. Ahhh. I don't even have the idea where the hell was it. And to make things worse, how am I suppose to live and sleep without my hp. Silap2 konfirm aku tidak bang…


Shopping Part 1 & 2

Hmmmm.. well i think I need few more stuff. :P

Will update more soooooooon,,

toddles, hana

Dang~Pls ignore the above title. :p

The training trip to Japan is officially confirmed. I just finished talking with mom & dad on the phone tapi saya sudah rasa sedih la pula. Urgh. Chill babe. It's only 3 months. Ah damn. 3 freaking whole months. Lama tu. Aku tak balik kampung 3minggu pun mom dah bising. huhu ;(

Well anyway guys, I have so many things to update and stories to tell. But everytime I log in, and was in new post page.. I'm lost. I couldn't find the right way of putting the stories up ahead. I seems to lost in words. Dang~ how bad it was?

And oh. That reminds me on our close-to-cancel-trip to jb. T'was the galfwend's wedding am talking about where we had most of our time gossiping and laughing like nobody's business. Super crazy trip, I must said. like seriusly guys. Crazeeeeee. Ahaks. Anyhow, it was really so much fun. O & P, you guys rocks bebeh!! :D

And I cant wait to go shopping tmrw. Yay!!! :)

p/s: will meet him tonite/will not meet him t…


Ah. Sangat rindu blogging. Tapi sangat malas juga. Bluek.

Nothing much on today. Quite a good start for the rest of the week, i suppose. Had an impromptu interview with the Nihonjin these morning. Was among the 1st group candidates chosen by sensei. Thehehe :). Neway, glad I was chosen tho.

After buka puasa went to *ZaAltera@OU. Would like my levi's to be altered a bit on the waist part. I need to kecikkan sikit the waist so that the "butt" would look nicer. Hahadiiha. But tht kakak told me that I can only manage to get my jeans done after 2 weeks since they have piles of stuff/order queued. Naah. Lama sangat la. Can't bear waiting that long for a minor cut.

Urgh. Mind my lingua. I am soo bloody sleepy and I really can't help it. I really need to sleep now. And oh, tmrw will be playing tennis after works.


Oyasumi nasai



oh boi. its been a while this blog has been left on a hiatus. Busy sangat lah saya. Yes. With the nihongo madness, personal life yg agak kelam kabut (and thank God things are back to SQUARE now), the sux-big-time complexion- due to uninvited stress..I wonder. Egh!

Syukur, everything is going smoothly now. At least. But the more the better, innit?

At this time of writing, I am actually in the midst of waiting for LB. And oh. We're going back to AS tonite. Yay!!! Can't wait!! Mom already asked me what do I want to eat. Saya mahu makan ikan siakap masak stim (home-made, please). Hehe.

Just a quickie update. I have secured a new place near to my workplace. Quite a cozy place. Quite cheap yet affordable. Nice neighborhood in the sense of tidak kelam kabut dan hectic. Still prefer to be disclosed. SO now I have 2 houses in KL. Sugoi kan? hahaha.

Itu saja. LB is already here. Gotta go.

Enjoy the wkN peeps. Mata aimashou. *wek*