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Today is sooo much tiring. I supposed to be at the sgr house tonite since I have to study for tomorrow's test but heckkkkkk, this is the results of me being so forgetful. Stuphittt ok? I left the けいたい (mobile) in class being totally forgetful when and where was the last time the phone was with me. The only thing I did remember was when my ともだち and I were recording the uninvited call from 'withheld' number (I reckon its from hsbc, tht I kindof resist to answer. Well, prolly due to the late payment and whtsnot kot). Thats it. Thats only it. And I only realized that the phone wasn't in my handbag when I was 10km away from the college. Fidgetting to turn back or not to turn back, I finally decided to patah balik. Sakit hati sangat sangat. Dahlah mengantuk.
To cut the long story short, the けいたい wasn't there. Ahhh. I don't even have the idea where the hell was it. And to make things worse, how am I suppose to live and sleep without my hp. Silap2 konfirm aku tidak bangun tido pagi esok. But anyhow, I was kinda suprised sbb I can still managed to be calm and pasrah. Sgt pasrah memandu pulang ke kotadamansara dan pasrah dengan kehilangan/ketiadaan hp. Seriously. I have never been so pasrah in my entire life. Boleh siap lagi singgah drive-thru mcdee lagi tu dan sambil pasrah sambil makan fries all the way from TPM to kd. Kepasrahan yang sangat membanggakan. Mungkin saya berharap and punya instinct tht the phone is safe somewhere there or sumthing like tht kot. I dont know. but yet, i think it was quite true. Reached home, straight away called my hp but no one answer. Ok. Ok. This is a good sign of not losing the hp. Then I tried to call a friend (whom number found from phone bills). Yosh. Apparently my other friend keep the hp sbb aku tertinggal fon itu di atas meja dengan sukahatinye. God. Thank you. U saved my money. huhuhuuuu

Am going back to as this week. Can't wait!

And oh. Will meet up with the bimbo friends tmrw @mv. Goss session as usual. :D

Will update more soon.
Have a nice weeknd peeps.

p/s: oh I need to buy another pants.



  1. malangnye sessi meng-bimbo diri x menjadi sbb ko meeting ....aku ngn nurul tadi x cukup korum msg telah berjaya disampaikan.. wakakaka

  2. ははは、そうね. ごめんね。tiba2 ada meeting plak. menyakitkan ati btol. huhuhuuu.


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