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Hey guys? How was your weekend? Haha tetiba. Well mine was well spent. Sunday was spent at home. Nak kata lazing around pun tak jugak. I just feel like staying at home and do things at my own pace. Banyak laundry and house chores to be settled. Had nasi goreng for breakfast and bihun sup for lunch. Simple je. Anyhoo we're still tired form our recent trip to jb. Spent 3 days exploring legoland and hello kitty (for the 3rd time yo people). Tell you what legoland is super best. Zillions of legos to die for haha. Exaggerated. Bukan je the kids yang excited, mak pak pun sama haha. Sara had her whale of a time there. But then too many to write here about legoland i just dont have too much time at the moment. I'll blog about soon. Tapi serius best. Worth a single penny. Silalah bawa anak2 pegi legoland by chance.
Saturday we did go out for a while after brunch. Attended kenduri of my SIL's sister at bukit jalil and  later stopped by at Gulati's bangi to buy kain for sara's…


Entahlah nak tulis apa.
But I know I need to jot a few things down.
Okay just a quick one.

1. For record, Adib took his first dose of pneumococcal last Saturday, 12th September 2015. We opt for Dr Afifah of KPMC this time around. He had his previous jab (1m, 2m and 3m vacc) from Dr. Amaluddin of An-Nur Jalan Reko. He was 4m 2w+ at times. 3 more doses to go.

2. At 4m 2w+ his weight is 6.5 kg. Way to go my healthy boy! 7kg at 5 1/2 months please!

3. Took Sara to her school's program- Brainy Walk on Saturday albeit the haze was pretty bad but alhamdulillah the weather was okay that day. She had a blast playing with her friends. Glad to see her having fun at her own pace.

4. My MEE yada yada. What's new? Haha. Today, I resume digging the papers and sources and inshaallah the simulation will start soooooooooooooooon. Good work. My aim is to finish whatsoever simulation within 1 month. *cough cough*. Boleh, mesti boleh.  *tap on my back* Btw, lets get it over and done with! Haip!! S…