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Adui.Terasa sangat2 nak gi bandung. Bandung. Bandung. Bandung.  A short getaway would do just fine kot. Good food, shopping spree (not much this time around), good food lagi..bakso sedap at rumah mode, yummy nasi padang rumah sederhana, pak chi met ikan bakar, pisang cheese. Geezzzz.  I am salivating yo!
But wtheck. Nk gi bandung sbb nak gi makan? 
Why not?????? Why why why not???


Relax And Release Happy
P.s: a splendid weekend we are having. We, yes. 3 of us.


*photos taken in penang mei 2014*
Sara ooh SaraYou grow up so fast that mama couldn't cope. I feel blessed everytime I look at you. Sometimes I miss you so badly being a baby. There were times when I don't want you to grow up. Oh mama is so selfish kan? 
Brainy bunch islamic montessori next intake is June 2014 We just happened to know, today. Are you ready for the next phase of your life Sara? Are you ready for school?
In my mind she is still 3 and half.  So I think 2014 is too early for her despite her being 4. But is 5 too late?
idk. I need to think. We need to deeply think and talk.  Hehe. Macam serius sangat bunyinya.
Mama yang dilemma.


Idk why.I feel the least motivate Feel like doing nothing atm, esp everything related to work I could not cope No I don't want to cope
Master? Too busy having a me time What me time? Not progressing since the last discussion witn sv Why? Like i said i don't feel like doing anything I am clueless I am speechless Me, neither have too many things in mind nor absolutely nothing Why? I am at my worst state of mind atm.  #sigh