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Wordless Wednesday


Well for a start, Assalamua'laikum peeps!

Master classes to resume today. Oh oh what a sluggish mode inside- NO syooh syooh go away far away you are not welcomed here! sigh. I presumed these is going to be another tough semester, aside from the plenty of National Holidays coming up, Ramadhan which is just around the corner, what with the undecided subjects to be taken, plus if I were assigned for the research mode very soon this semester oh la la how am I gonna do? I guess it's time to spill the bean, but I think I should just bite my tongue and swallow. Oh boi my idiom is such a crap lol. But any-hoot, let's pray for a good start, and for a great semester ahead and for a better forthcoming. Insya Allah! 
Oh as a reminder, I still have RM100 worth of book voucher unsettled. 
Last Sunday we took Sara to indoor playground and she tried the sand art for the first time. How excited she was, and so we were. She was so head over heels to the extend she keep asking me to take her…

Oh my research. Oh my master.

In searching of research supervisor. Full of attempt and time and brain and energy consuming. I don't like to wait, I don't like to juggle, I don't like to feel anxious, I don't like to irrationally feel scare and worry, I don't like to wait for no good news, I don't like to feel "rejected". Oh! So many "don't likes" linger in my head and oh it's so disturbing, and annoying.
The thing is I have the interest in these particular area, so I tend to look for the persons related to the area and not giving a thought on other area. It was kind of risky, though. But you can't just do things that you don't like, out of interest, right? I don't know about others, but it's just me. This is supposed to be something that I will be working on for a certain long period which might take years, I kid you not. I always want to indulge and relish and focus on my task. Interest is the main thing I believe in order to keep the mom…

our 30 months old Sara Hana

You are such a big girl Sara! But, yeah mama still refused to accept the 'fact' that you are technically 3 years old, already, according to the year. The birth date is still way way to go and by the way Sara is a November baby so that explains, okay?
But you know what, you have no worries Sara, because your age is the wee matter to us. No matter how old you are, you will still be our cheeky little princess and we love you tremendously very very much! :-) On top of everything, I pray that you will be blessed with the greatest of health, life, feelings and everything. 
We've seen another great achievement of yours last night, but your ayah missed it haha lol. You can now cycle your bicycle properly, like really make it move forward by stepping on the paddle and managed to controlled it the right. Hurrah! That was really awesome! Great job Sara. And without any delay, I quickly grab my hand phone and iPad and of course, Keek-ing it right away!

So here's the uploaded YouTu…

Pancake, with ice cream!

I think I love pancakes. Well I used to and still. =) I used to make pancake at home, long ago, during my pregnancy of Sara. But soon after she was born, the "pancake fanatic" or "pancake making hobby"  faded. Away. Well, I might be busy with Sara and stuffs, perhaps that limits my time spent at the kitchen, for a pancake. I do cook; descent food, but no pancakes. Geezz.

Okay. Apparently this is a food review blog attempt kot. I am totally not an expert, am I? ;p

Well we had these yummy pancakes few weeks ago at the House Of Pancake in Paradigm Mall. I don't know why I have the urge to blog about this, out of nowhere. I was uploading photos from my phone to the PC and my eyes suddenly captured the big photo of these.

YES! It's a pancake with ice cream on top and OMG I am salivating while am writing this.

Jom gi makan pancake!

Short break at lost world

Of tambun. Its a splendid yet amazing short holiday. Let the picture do the talking.

And oh we're enjoying our tiger feeding show. Its abt to start yo ppl. Laytah
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