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ok let me just take a long deep breath now. Fuuuuhhhhhhh~

lack of updates. been very busy, with master, work and family.

just a jot down of few important things, to be done.

collect exam ticket at uni before 30th aug (boi its tomorrow!)
done with subject registration. registered 3 subjects for thinking to drop 1.
my final exam is coming. have papers on 6th Sept and 12th Sept. See, what a looong break.
sara hana is approaching 22 months old next coming 15th sept. she talks much and much nowadays. she can run very well. she is healthy, alhamdulillah. she even busy herself with her non-stop play and doing her 'stuff'. she loves cat and donut, that she know where to buy her donut (tesco). she's still brstfeed but can tolerate with dumex dugro (1st step of 'bercerai susu' process). And, sometimes i wonder, doesn't kid ever feel tired, at all?
just finished the super killer tough assignment. relief!
planning for another trip to Bandung (early n…