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愛しあって けんかした、いろんなかべ 二人で のりこえて、
生まれ かわっても あなたの そばで 花 に なろう。。。
us.. 2008年 7月 23日 2009年 1月 13日


I have never, in my life thought that meeting the other half's parent would be sooo freaking. Yes. Yes. Yes. Seriously. It was like so out of control but you HAVE to be in control. And when you are theseeeee close to the house you kinda feel like u are up side down. Sangat nerveous yang ntah ape-ape, but apparently there is nothing. Tekanan pun ada. haha. But alhamdulillah my very 1st meeting with his parents turned out to be just fine and well. Perfect. :) *blush*

*at the moment of writing this entry I was waiting for M to feedback me abt wht his mom dan dad thinks about me. gabra babe :S *

Evening : had a lil raw with M rentetan dari peristiwa aku grumpy dgn dia abt the Master form n karaoke thingy. He called off the whole meet-the-parents plan for the weekNd. Sgt keji :P. And I was just.. saying OK. Huh????

Night : Operasi memujuk. He came to KD and we had ckt for dinner. Oh, looks like someone is craving for char kuey tw. Hehe :P

Since I have no plan to go anywhere I…

monday and...

I dun feel good today. emotionally. full stop.

I hate my complexion. It shuccccccccksssssssssssssss big time. Can't wait for the next appointment with the dermatologist. Siap la kau pimples and scar. U are soooo gonna kena la. Sayonara. Huh!!

My pointless new year resolution for 2009 is :

1. Wake up earlier than the normal time I used to so that I do not drive carelessly and do not rush to work.

...which I think is IMPOSSIBLE. Thank you.

I still hate my complexion. Argh. Bugger.

I'm all stressed out I can't barely help it. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


happy new year to all my lovely readers..
may your years fill with joy, success and happiness.
And be blessed..

明けまして おめでとう thayang..
may we have great yearS ahead awaits for us
ilovlovlovya baby

明けまして baby..symbolizes of love :P