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Why those people full of heartburning? Jealous?
Why can't people just mind their own business?
Why people likes to saying bad things about others?

Truth be told. If someone feel a pang of dissatisfaction upon me that means she/he is so bloody jealous of me, probably because :-

1. I am a totally likable person,
2. I have things that she does not have. Who knows..  (かわいそう。。)
3. She is OUT OF FIGURE and dying to have the figure that is soooooo むり for her that she attempt SOoo HARD to the extend of  taking herb*life, and so on. Hahadiha
4. She ain't happy with her self, her life and whatever hers'. 
4. I'm perfect. Enough said. :)

And oh... by the way that apply to you too, readers. ;)

Ops, what if the dedicated person happen to read my blog? OMG I am so gonna kena, is it? That will increased the rate of jealousness, i suppose. =D

on another note, I need to know is there any Charles & keith sale along february??? I need one to replace my torn shoe. hehehhe.


Disclosed thingy

Noticed the "Disclosed" word in my Wish List column?? Cc- the same reason of not revealing or exposing things I'd wish for and been up to. Ever again. Haishh... how pathetic I turned out to be these days. I have no choice rather than do. I pretty much hope those kinda thing would never happen again. It's kind of insulted. And shameful.

I flipped into few pages of Reader's Digest yesterday and I read some stuff. Found some quotes that really catch my eyes. One of 'em is:-

..belief a more realistic time frame would be to go day by day.

happy Wednesday everyone!! lagi 5 hari nak gaji :D :D

i don't get it

I just don't get it. Seriously. I don't understand. I always believe that a human being has or at least will have their own taste, own like, own way of wanting something in life, in stuffs and in----- W.
Really I am... I don't get it.
*sigh sigh sigh

I wasn't trying to talk about those and stuffs but I wonder, keep on wondering and still I didn't manage to find the answer just yet. I was extremely curious. I need an answer to something beyond my brain ability.

But bydaway,

If it was me, I would definitely feel weird. Seriously. And oh God if I was copycat-ed someone or something big (or may I say obvious) I won't ever let the 'original' person knew, for God's sake. How pathetic.

I'm not insulted. I'm just feeling sooooo weird, odd and pissed.

That's how I feel.

I wanna let it go and I am tryin' to find an excuse for that. One is enough.

I wish I could.


it's month 1

past our wedding. Yes, there's still loads to learn about marriage, and about each other as well. Anyways, we both had the most splendid time together. :D :D

Happy 1st Month of Anniversary sayang. lovlov you