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hari ini

super malas
malas nak buat kerja (preparation for next week class, the lecture notes, the ppt, the syllabus, the bla bla)
malas nak naik lab for training. Been there around 10a.m (yes, the training was suppose to start at 10) but there's only 2 participants out of 20 plus the instructor. Hmm... can't you guys be punctual a bit?
malas nak buka buku and study. (need a short break before entering the super hectic phase next week, which is the test week. Oh come one, I am not a robot. =P)
teruk kan? malassss je. Hmmm.. i think I should not call it Malas bcause I am not Malas, indeed. i just need a break in the midst.
Hm.. what else. Well ok a little bit about studies. Advanced engineering Math subject is getting crazy day by day. With the derivation of all those and that, the God-knows formula, the philosophy and theorems of the mathematician who wants to put his name in front of the crappy theorem and bla bla. And oh speaking of which, my class is full of '…


A quick one. Quiz mlm td sgt sgt sgt susah. 2qs in 15mins. Nk pikir pun tk smpt :( Lesson learnt: homework kena buat SEMUA! I will not give up somehow. Mesti buat yg terbaik nxt time!
Test 1 postpone to july 11. Berusaha!!

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Getting the updates

I have Advanced Engineering Math quiz next wednesay & test in 2 weeks time.Do not take it lightly. #notetoself!
Sara turns 1yr 7months tomorrow. Oh my she's really grown up! my chatterbox mama loves you whole lot of bunch!
A pleasant surprise visit from mak and abah last week was very welcoming. With the chaotic to adapt to the new life schedule, with classes and works, with the mess in the house, there come the rations. Right in time =)
I have to make myself score A for Research Methodology because I have sacrificed too much for these class (i.e to put sara on a stay at BS from 6-930pm every Tuesday aint easy to do). So, target for A. No! GOTTA GET A!
Work: Academic senate for the semester is over and settled. Everything went well.
Can't wait to go balik kampung this week. Already missed the nasi yasmin, JI, and hometown. I love alor star kedah and always will.
Do not think you are the only one who is tired, who is busy and who has lo…

funny faces, lovely faces.


A quick one.
I hv started my master class last wednesday. Started out with a very tough one-advanced engineering math. Just so u know, my master class held during evening, 630 - 930 pm. So tht means when i have class sara stays with her ayah, and the othr way round when MM attend his class. But on tuesday, we both hv class so we hv to extend her stay at BS. Tht's pretty sad but it is a sacrifice tht I hv to make.
Who is in my class? International n local student. Ther are students from syria, iran, and malaysia. Hehe.
My first class was ok, went well. It was just me, n focussing on the subject. It feels good and excited to back in uni and got to linger with books again. But Until I heard sara crying her lungs out over the phone (during maghrib prayer break), my motherly instincts was touched a bit. Huhu. Apparently she was not doing ok at home, ya la first time balik rumah and mama not at home. But thankfully MM managed to handle the situation, off he bring sara to tes…