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November..December 2016..January 2017

Ntah la idk why. But I feel like January is fast approaching. And it's kinda sad that 2016 is leaving us very very soon.

2016 has been a great year for all of us. For mama, ayah, Sara, Adib and our family too. It is a remarkable year for us. I can say 2016 marks a sweet and lovely memories in our mind and heart. Among them are:

~ Aug 2016 : Me and MM graduated and convo for Master
~ Aug 2016 : Mak & Abah went to Makkah for Hajj
~ Aug 2016 : Sara joined her school trip to Kidzania and it was so much fun!
~ Nov 2016 : Sara's convocation. Alhamdulillah she has graduated preschool.
~ Nov 2016 : Highlight of the year >> Sara has been awarded the Child of The Year 2016. It's a major surprise and we are beyond grateful.
~ in 2016 : Adib shows a good progress and development.
~ Oct 2016 : Holiday in Hong Kong Disneyland!! This is like a dream come true for Sara. And it's Adib 2nd trip to oversea
~ Somewhere in June or May 2016 : Short trip to Bandung. Adib's firs…

Happy 6th Birthday Sara


Sara celebrated her 6th birthday at school after the convocation (will blog about this soon). This year is extra special because 1st-it's her last year celebrating birthday with her Brainy Bunch friends and aunties, 2nd-she will go to a new phase in her life next year (don't take it seriously it is just a primary school student) and 3rd- because she needs no reason to be special because she is special in our heart.

Okay so on 16th Nov (a day after her actual birthday) we had the cake, goodies and stuffs ready for her party. Cake ordered from Lynn Babycake in Bangi has been picked up the night before. In fact she had few celebrations before her birthday. And this year she also received loads of presents; from us, tok & wan, and her aunties as well.

So, I guess the photos can tell the whole stories better than me.

Anyway, happy birthday Sara Hana darling. We are thankful to have a child like you. Lotsa love!

Hello from Hong Kong Disneyland

[this post was written on 1.11.2016]
A remarkable trip for 2016.

Destination : Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel : Disney Hollywood Hotel Duration : 4 days (29.10.2016-1.11.2016)
Hi Sara & Adib, Alhamdulillah..we made it to HK Disneyland as per planned. Just so u know your mama has been planning for this trip since February 2016. Thanks to the promo ticket of Air Asia. We managed to squeeze the affordable ticket fares according to our budget. Syukur anak2 mama. Rezeki ni Allah yang bagi. We must be very thankful and grateful to Allah for what we had. Alhamdulillah.
Well okay the moment i'm writing this post is during our last night in Disney Hollywood Hotel. Just a quick update before another detailed post-vacay entry.
1. The hotel  We stay at Disney Hollywood Hotel inside Disneyland resort. It's easier to commute because there are shuttle services available every 10 minutes (i might say it is less than 5 minutes wait) very efficient indeed. Room per night costs about HKD 1700. …