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Showing posts from October, 2008

I want to write...

..something. Not only those pieces of phots. So many things inside my mind, collecting, summing it all up until I tend to forgot all those things. Ah. Pathetic sangat ok?

Just thinking of sharing the quote of the day..

I can't help myself from being 'plastic'. Ain't human (everybody) pretending to make them look nice and good?

I'm hungry. Supper, anyone?

I lost 1000yen.

I can't find my denshi jisho case.


And oh. I'll be back home soooooooon :D


kuih raya, thanks to mom & dad :)

breakfast, after solat raya

outing, utk ilangkan busan :P

motomachi 'no' chinatown

Sekian.. esok sekolah. Urghhhhh. Bummer!