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I aim to-

be a better person. At least better than what I am during the previous 10 years, 10 months, 10 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes and at least last 10 seconds.teach Al-Quran to my kids in their early age. When I said early, it means from the newborn age.improve my solat, doa, ibadah and a good muslimat and example of a good muslimat in every aspect.Islam is the ONLY way of life!
Insya Allah..

our home schweeet home

I have always wanted to upload the photos of our 'new' house. Okay I might have been exaggerate a bit. actually, we have done major re-arrangement to our house few weeks ago. T'was a lot of job and plenty of penny involved. Credited to my husband for putting the extra full effort on the arrangement. Oh, he was the mastermind of these so-called 'project' bytheway.

I am apparently in a dash. Got to missed my morning pumping session, NO. So let's the photos tell the stories.

This is our leisure hall. Tempat kami melepak, menonton tv and do most of the leisurely activities.
Guest hall. Minimal kan? Tak perlu banyak nak kena mengemas.
Dining hall for 3 of us.
Her dedicated 'play-land'
Her plentiful toys and books
precious... more to come <3
There's no better place than home.. ;)
See ya' in the next entry. Have a pleasant day people!

ubat oohh ubat

I was supposed to write an update about something else instead of those stated on the title above. But as I had the antibiotic and cough syrup almost 2 hours ago, I felt really really sleepy. So I take a nap for 15 minutes during lunch break. But to my horror, I woke up with my body feeling all shaky, my heartbeat kicking faster and yes, I still could feel it at this moment. God know what those meds have done to my body, weakening it. This is why I hate taking cough, flu or migraine meds, for some reason. I don't mind if I do not breastfeed my little one. But I DO concern if those mentioned medication could harm my daughter through my milk. Hmmm.. I have taken the first dose and feel like horrrrooorrr. I have no idea which one causing the 'syndromes' but I definitely going to stop taking the cough syrup. And my decision is firm and final.

Sara's mini birthday party

So, yesterday was Sara's birthday party. It was a last minute plan that we decided to throw a small outdoor party at our apartment's playground. Since it was a party for kids and most of the guest would be the kids and off course some of their parent, so we decided to just serve a "hi-tea" menu. So, we prepared all the menus by ourselves. There were nuggets, cocktail sausage, fries, home-made coleslaw, air kotak milo and fruit juice (for the parents), sedikit makanan ringan kegemaran kanak2 and last but not least, birthday cake.

We invited around 20 families, not putting high expectation because there's always rain in the evening. Hari kejadian tu pun hujan jugak tapi mujurlah not heavily raining as usual. And there were quite a number of guests came.

By the way, I would like to express my zillion thanks for those who came and for all those lovely pressies they gave to Sara Hana. Too bad if the foods were tak seberapa but to my surprise, all the foods were finish…

Sara is 1 year old

Syukur Alhamdulillah. Our little girl Sara Hana has turned one today (15th November 2011). Happy birthday Sara Hana sweetheart. Sorry mama & ayah do not have planned a descent birthday party for you. But anyway, we're actually planning a mini outdoor party tomorrow to celebrate the little girl. The guest would be just the kids and their parents in our small residence only. Nothing biggie. But the main worry now is the rain. Yes. It has been raining all week and mostly during evening. Really hope that tomorrow there would be no rain at all. Really really hope. Let's pray, semoga doa kita diperkenankan-Nya.
 "Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan kami. Mudahkanlah kami melaksanakan apa yang kami rancangkan Ya Allah. Kami berserah kepada-Mu Ya Allah.." Amin~
Newborn                                                 Day-4
 1 month                                                    2 months

          3 months
                                                    4 months


Before: 4oz in 30mins, After: 6oz in 15mins! Wow!

A review entry of Ameda Lactaline.
Just so you know, I have a new BFF. I bought the new Ameda breastpump as permitted by MM. Thanks to him for being such a supportive person, especially in my breastfeeding adventure.
The reason I bought the new breastpump was because my forever BFF (Spectra3) can't be use with battery. I didn't say Spectra3 is not good. NO. It is INDEED a good breastpump. It helps me a lot in my bf-ing journey. I has been with me since I first knew how to breastfeed. It has done a lot a good deeds to me. Sangat berjasa ok Spectra3 ni. But being on-the-go pumping mother, I need a pump with more mobility and can be use anywhere even without electric utilities. I found a really great review for Ameda. It's even comparable to Medela FS, lighter than Spectra3 and it is way much cheaper than Medela FS. These Ameda Lactaline Dual has double pumping that helps to increase milk supply. Truth be told, it happened to me. I can pump up to 7oz for only 15 minutes. Sav…