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I have a confession to make.


I am a lousy mom!

I am not an early riser. 

My favorite word is "Cepat! Cepat!"  Bcos I always almost late. And morning is always in a hurry. Morning at home is always a chaos. Especially now, with 2 kids! Ape ni???? Shame on you Suhana. Sigh!

I am nor a morning person neither a night person. I am only at my full pace during mid-day (after 9a.m) and early night. 

I always wanted to sleep early so that I can get up early. But I fail both! I just love to sleep. And so lazy to wake up. Sayang sangat tido tu hoih!

I was/am known as a committed person. My Master supervisor praised me (been told this by his phd student), he said I was his best student yada yada, my superior always labeled me as benchmark (when it comes to submission and dateline I mmg tip top phewwe), i can finish my task even before the due date, I (plan to) work to perfection and i will stressed out the latter. Haha!! See? How great was that?!
Great!?????!!?!??! Puihhhhhh…

Adib's milestone

There you go. Presenting our 1 year 1.5 month old tyke. He is such a sweet darling sangat kan. Senyum tu geram sangat.
Ala sebenarnya smlm dah add new entry. Tapi tak sempat save. So today I have to recall what I have written yesterday. Tough jugak tu. ;(
So this entry was intended to update Adib's development to date, for our own record. Nanti kalau agak2 tak ingat bila adib start boleh cakap, boleh jalan, boleh refer to blog je. Senang kan? Hehe.
1. Adib dah boleh jalan sepenuhnya, I mean without any support. Rajin berjalan dia ni. Kejap sana kejap sini. Dalam rumah tu mmg duduk tak diam langsung la. Jalan sikit + merangkak phase was over. Gaya berjalan pulak mcm berlari pun ada. Paling kelakar bila sambil nangis sambil jalan. So cute. Pastu sambil jalan hulur tangan nak suruh orang dukung,
2. Sangat clingy especially to mama. Ni bila balik rumah je mmg mama je la segala-galanya. Mama hilang sikit mula la nangis. Takut sangat mama dia hilang. Btw I've read somewhere bila ba…