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Adib's milestone

There you go. Presenting our 1 year 1.5 month old tyke. He is such a sweet darling sangat kan. Senyum tu geram sangat.

Ala sebenarnya smlm dah add new entry. Tapi tak sempat save. So today I have to recall what I have written yesterday. Tough jugak tu. ;(

So this entry was intended to update Adib's development to date, for our own record. Nanti kalau agak2 tak ingat bila adib start boleh cakap, boleh jalan, boleh refer to blog je. Senang kan? Hehe.

1. Adib dah boleh jalan sepenuhnya, I mean without any support. Rajin berjalan dia ni. Kejap sana kejap sini. Dalam rumah tu mmg duduk tak diam langsung la. Jalan sikit + merangkak phase was over. Gaya berjalan pulak mcm berlari pun ada. Paling kelakar bila sambil nangis sambil jalan. So cute. Pastu sambil jalan hulur tangan nak suruh orang dukung,

2. Sangat clingy especially to mama. Ni bila balik rumah je mmg mama je la segala-galanya. Mama hilang sikit mula la nangis. Takut sangat mama dia hilang. Btw I've read somewhere bila baby dah 8months dia akan mula sedar yang he and his mother is no longer a sole entity. Sbb tu dia mcm risau bila diorang tak nampak mak diorang. I guess its true tho. Sbb dulu adib cam ok je kalau mama kat dapur ke mandi ke. Elok je dia. Adib oo Adib. 

3. Giginya sudah 3. Dua kat bawah, 1 atas. Yey!

4. Kesinambungan dari #3. Sejak2 ada gigi ni bukan main banyak dia makan. Almost most of the time he will ask for food. Kejap2 roti, pisang, biskut, kerepek ikan pun dia makan. Keropok ikan, roti bakar, etc. I had introduced whole egg since he was 1 year 1 month. Baru berani bagi whole egg. Sbb masa 1 year try egg yolk and he was ok with it, no reaction (rashes,etc). Oat pun baru try after 1 year. Tu pun organic oat. And now that he can eat oat, pasta, so he menu can be varies. He loves creamy pasta the most. Laju je makan. Kalau bubur, i still blend bagi hancur sikit. Kadang2 bagi bubur dgn sup. He ate everything. Not a fussy eater alhamdulillah. 

5. Still breastfeed. Alhamdulillah. Walaupun susu cukup2 makan alhamdulillah it is enough for him. Mama usahakan juga utk pam bagi cukup 4 botol sehari and nak top up frozen EBM. May Allah ease our breastfeeding journey sampai 2 tahun ye Adib.. InshaAllah. Bersyukur atas rezeki.

6. He has started to speak. His vocab is developing. I guess he picked up the word here and there. The common words tu dia dah faham. Such as
Duk - duduk
Nak - nak (ni bila nk minta apa2 atau food)
Tak - letak
tup - tutup
ish - fish
bird - bird
ball - ball
bah - refer to ayah
dede - didi and friends
kakak - kakak (amongst the earlier word discovered)
mama - mama
dap - sedap

..and thats all I can recall for now. Nanti tambah lagi.

7. Kalau tak nak pandai geleng kepala, and say no (sambil buat tangan no no no)

8. Ok ni kelakar. Haritu masa everyone stayed kat depan, Adib sorang2 pegi dapur. And came back with a piece of biscuit. Tak tau mcm mana dia pegi ambik biscuit tu, and mcm mana dia boleh bukak bekas tu. So clever.
Lagi satu, rajin sangat ni konon nak simpan baju dia dalam drawer. Dia ambik baju dalam bakul pastu masukkan dalam drawer. I was in the kitchen atm. Pastu dengar mcm dia jerit2. Masa nak tutup drawer tu dia tertutup dgn tangan dia skali. Mau tak jerit. Luckily the drawer jenis yang plastic tu. Haha. Kesian betul.

9. Pandai main dgn kakak. And suka kacau kakak doing her homework. Suka sangat rebut barang dengan kakak. Kuat pulak tu. Its like what's mine is mine! Haha.

Ok I guess I've write a lot. Disudahi dengan gambar subject utama entry ni. 

Salam Ramadhan ke 10. 

Mama Sara Adib.


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