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Oh December. Hello blog!

I'm back.
After so long. It's been more than 5 months since my last updates. How bad it was? Ehhh lama gila lah tak post.

Okay so now I'm here, tiba-tiba blank. Macam tak tau nak update apa segala. Padahal there's a lot!!

To start with, we were just came back from a short trip to Hello Kitty Town in JB last Chrismas Holiday. Of course, our not-so-little girl favorite place. We've been there more than 5 times already I guess, as far as I remember. Layan je. Yang penting the kids are happy. Nothing beats their smile and happiness. Had a good time in JB. Cuma yang frust sbb kempunan beriani batu pahat mohd shah. Been there once only, pastu 2nd and 3rd time tak dapat makan pun, sbb sampai2 je kedai tutup. So the first night in JB we had ikan bakar je dekat Senibong. And the next day, still tak puas hati. Nak juga beriani. So we went to Roslin Beriani House at Kebun Teh. I had beef beriani, MM had mutton beriani and I swear it was goooooooooood!

Banyak trip juga sebenarnya in recent months. Cuma tak update dalam blog. I is malas huhu. Update IG je.  We've been to Langkawi, stayed in Pantai Cenang for 2 days in October (trip with mak abah and my lilbro's family), Cameron Highland and Lost World of Tambun in August, stayed in Avillion Admiral Cove PD in July, jalan-jalan Perlis Taman Ular+Padang Besar naik komuter and Bukit Tinggi (tak ingat bila pegi), masa ni MM kena tokak dengan swan, and Sara cried. Haha, kelakar.

We registered Sara in TARI class last month. We confide it is good for her social skill and to boost up her confidence level. She's having a whale of a time during the whole class sessions. Masa trial session je pun dah boleh follow steps. Amazing sangat. She even make good friends with the others. After second session je dia dah bercerita pasal kawan-kawan and the teachers. And oh, the teacher was former student's of Pak Ngah. So she has pretty good networking in those area. MM memang nak Sara learns Traditional Tari. Gigih dia mencari. Jauh pun sanggup hantar. Ye la dari Beranang ke Section U10 Shah Alam tu, around 70 KM per trip. Tak ke gigih tu? Indeed.
But we're glad Sara loves what she's doing. Because we know Sara ni more to hand-skill. She's good in art.
We belief every action or decision comes with a concrete reason and of course a mutual agreement between parents and kids. Like what we normally did, kita akan tanya dulu if Sara okay ke tak. If she's okay then we'll go for trial. At least she has extra-activities apart of just academic. The competition is getting tougher for them kids these days. So we have to find the opportunities for our kids to shine.
Adib tu pun we'll search for his tendency and talent, pastu we'll seek and channel them accordingly. InshaAllah. Dengan niat yang betul, our kids will succeed. In whatever things they do. We'll just have to guide then, have faith in them, and say the best doa for them.

Okay what about Adib. Alhamdulillah he has outgrown his asthmatic disease. Dulu kan dia asal batuk je semput, and his paed said he has asthma. So nebulizer and ventolin chamber has become a good friend since then. Just recently, around 4-5 months ago he doesn't need a frequent nebulizer anymore when he's caught into cough. Syukur for that. Eh tapi haritu he was admitted to KPMC due to fever and dehydrated. Dah la demam, pastu refused to eat. Masa tu baru balik holiday from Langkawi and MM was still in Abu Dhabi for WSC 2017. His condition was kinda worse it's bizarre because it was so unlikely Adib. So I decided to admit him to KPMC straight away, one day before MM arrived from Abu Dhabi. Masa tu demam dah 4 hari tak baik-baik. Kakak demam jugak tapi makan banyak so she's easily recovered. Takde la kita risau sangat. Spent 3 days in ward.

For record, to date he weighted 12.3 kg which is good, according to paed. Patut la berat. Pastu lasaknya bukan main. Suka pukul kakak. Lepas tu buat macam muka tak bersalah. But he's been very protective, especially to me and kakak sometimes. Very manja. Talkative tak payah cerita la. Sembang macam orang tua. Dah pandai macam-macam. Kalau nak list mmg the list will goes non-stop. All I can say, he's growing up very well we're very thankful to Allah for such a healthy and a wise son. I hope he will become a great man, the one we can rely on, the one to protect us when the time comes. InshaAllah.

Last but not least, Alhamdulillah we'll be expecting a new family member in May 2018. Due in 3rd May, now she/he is 21 week in mama's tummy. Hehe. Pray for a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery. InshaAllah.

So, it's lunch hour already. Bila lama tak write blog mcm ni la jadi. losing it's mojo. Blame the hormones, huh? =P

Ok til then. Will write more soon!

Mama SaraAdib


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