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Finally, an update!

Dah berbulan nak update. Tapi ada je obstacle. Internet slow la, no usb cable to transfer photos la, too many works la, bla bla bla. Excuses.

A lot have has been happening since the previous post. Banyaaaak sangat. Sampai I think I have lost the sense of writing, and my skills with 'word' is fading. Teruk sangat. 2014 is almost towards its end and 2015 is approaching. I have a lot, ok like really crucial 'datelines' to achieve in 2015. The two most important yang mesti mesti mestiiiiii tak dapat tidak kena jugak setel by 2015. Hadoi. Pikir pun dah serabut. Dengan research yang verrrrryyyyyyyy slow progress (or should I say not progressing langsung since July?). oi oi master tu kena habis bulan 4 tau??? paling koman pun kalau nak drag viva lambat sikit pun takpe la tapi macam berangan je nak habis bulan 4/2015? Bulan 4 kau dah nak beranak kot! Bila masa nak pulun master bila masa nak pikir beranak and confinement lagi? Pening pening. And oh btw I am 22 weeks along and it felt soooo long sbnrnya kan almost 15 or 16 weeks to go. Takpe takpe anticipate and sabar mama! =D

Ok dah. Enough of it.

Apart of that, Sara si bucuk macam to is like a grown up girl. She's still, petite but she's like terlebih matang dari usia. Ha, amik kau. Dulu dok kata pelakon budak pompuan tu mcm lebih matang dari usia. There goes your dotter. I guess girls are typically like that kot. Cepat matang. 

So, a wrap up of 2014 la kot. Apa2 yang tak sempat nak update dulu... sbb faktor M.a.l.a.s itulah. Yang sebenar-benarnya. No other excuses. 

1. Alhamdulillah Sara managed to cope and suits herself well to her school environment. For first 2 days je dia mcm sikit2 nangis. Pastu ok dah. Bila berkawan dialah juara. Hehe. Well, I guess BBIM was a great choice indeed for a start. And knowing her potential and partiality, kami percaya we did a wise decision sending her to bbim.  She managed to mix well with other kids, make friends, know how to make friend, develop interests (she loves colors), learn how to learn, build respect and most importantly she gains her confidence. Kalau dulu Sara ni mmg pemalu sangat sangat. Skrg dah ok. Siap ada bestfriend dah tau. Hehe. Btw, Alhamdulillah, nampaknya sel-sel otak berhubung dengan baik. Mama and ayah pray for nothing but the best for you dunia dan akhirat sayang. Always remember that!

2. Tahun ni we didn't managed to hit any extravagant place for holiday. Cuti-cuti malaysia je. Blame the hormones. Pegi mane je kan. Recently was Hello Kitty Town JB (we went there twice d. Thanks to the hugeeeeee fan of Hello Kitty), pastu mane lagi eh? Eh eh mcm tak boleh recall je pegi mana. Rasanya ada holiday tapi dekat-dekat je la. And thats it. Takpelah nanti ingat I'll write on another post. 

3. InshaAllah, we are expecting a second baby in April 2015. The early pregnancy was disaster, down with severe morning sickness. Asyik muntah letih angin. I barely did nothing at home. Alhamdulillah by month 5 its getting better. Doa-doakan lah both of us sihat and selamat towards the delivery date. Amin.

4. Benda yang paling guilty nak mention. Master research. As you know I am on 50-50 mode. Coursework and research. Done with subjects. Alhamdulillah managed to get 4-flat for 2 consecutive semesters. Skrg ni mode research terumbang ambing. Sebenarnya I have clear mission and picture of what I am doing it is just that I have no time and no courage to focus on it. Kejap2 kena buat itu, kena buat ini. Last2 my simulation jadi macam rumah tak siap. Abandoned. Sedih tau. And guilty sangat. I really hope I can, at least do something before beranak ni. And on schedule pun my last semester is April 2015. Tak pun at least boleh finish master in 2015 pun ok dah. Planning dan cita-cita tu ada, ok la kan. Tapi...... execution hampeh! :(

5. Sebenarnya ada keje ni. I have to get it over and done with kerja-kerja di ofis sebelum new semester starts and start teaching. Ok lah till then. I end with the latest pic of Sara taken on December 2014. She is 4 and she's so bubbly. And cantik! Love you sayang!!!

With love,


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