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Food: Sara Do's and Don'ts

A post of reminder for momma Sara

Sara okays with :
1. Fish (ikan tenggiri, merah, bilis)
2. Chicken meat
3. Green veges (broccoli,  spinach, peas, celery, sawi)
4. Other's veges (cauliflower, carrot, potato, sweet potato)
5. Onion, garlic
6. Cooking oil (so far I use olive oil and butter)
7. Tofu (not egg tofu, tauhu biasa yang orang buat tauhu sumbat itu ok..)
8. Egg yolk (today is the completion of 4 days rule and was a success).
9. Gardenia bread (she loves toast)
10. Wheat cracker (atau roti empat segi itu so I bought roti gandum for her)
11. Fruits such as apples (she likes green apple so much I wonder why), papaya, avocado and mangga.

Sara reacts to :
1.Cheese (agak cirit birit 2-3x a day after makan cheese. Noticed after bagi dia 2 kali makan cheese)
2. Banana (no such reaction, she's just not so like the sweetness of banana, I guess)

Sara has not try :
1. Yogurt (if she reacted with cheese, she might also with yogurt because it's in the same category of dairy product. Aren't it?)

Sara is yet to try :
1. Oat
2. Rafferty's Organic Food (senang nanti nak travel ke Bandung)

Another topics, still more less regarding Sara. Hehe. Anyway, I just had my morning session pumping today. Expected to be getting minimum of 2 bottles or 8oz. Oh, sangat gigih ni. Tapi hanya berjaya mendapatkan 5oz sahaja, as usual. Nevertheless, syukur Alhamdulillah...
Kenapa ye saya nak dapatkan 2 bottle?
Because I'll be going on a short trip of industrial visit to subang, from 1245 noon t0 5pm. So that means I have to skip my afternoon pumping session. Oh sedih.Sedih. Mcm mana pun kena pam jugak as soon as I reach home. If not, I won't be able to provide Sara with the min of 8oz fresh milk for tomorrow. Mesti gigih ok!!

masa ni lah terpikir.... bestnya kalau ada pam battery operated such as Ameda atau Medela FS. Ouch...... <3 <3


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