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KL Tower Mini Zoo and Jonker Mamee House

Adib is unwell. He's down with fever since yesterday. He's active; as usual. Running and chasing away with kakak. But he's still not fully recovered from cough which caught into him since last 2 weeks. That makes me more worry.
Sara, on the other hand is okay.

Okay so this is a longgggg overdue update. Konon kan nak rajin update blog. I guess I have to be more istiqamah when I do something. =P

So it happened during the CNY 2017 long weekend. We didn't have anything planned for the little kiddos. But come to think of it, since Sara have almost 1 week school off so I made up a plan, or maybe more haha. I googled and googled for places of interest in KL and Selangor then we finally decided to opt for nature. Zoo tu nature la kan. Torn between Zoo Negara, KL Tower Zoo, Butterfly Farm, Aquaria (eh eh?). After much considering; weather, rajin ke tak nak jalan, location, etc etc, we opt for KL Tower Zoo. Besides, we've been to Zoo Negara and Aquaria. Takkan nak repeat. Nanti cam boring pulak kan.

So we visited those place on Saturday Jan,28. This place is not huge, highly recommended for those who does not fancy walking - like me *lol. But the best thing about this place is that you will have the chance to touch and feed the animals. Pastu animals dia adalah pelik-pelik tau. Aside the rare, they also have common types like rabbits, parrot, snakes, pastu ada biawak juga tau. Haha. Sara's favorite. And they also have the hugeeeeee ular sawa. Omaigod its huge and geli ok. There's also ayam jantan, betina and anak2 ayam. At least anak2 kita dapat la bezakan ayam jantan n betina kan? And oh you can also feed the monkey, parrots, and turtle. Cute je semua. Tapi Sara being the penggeli, asyik menyorok kat belakang je. Penakut habis dia tu. Nak feed rabbit & turtle pun takut haha. Adib on the other side, punyala geli sampai he refused to walk. Masa family photo dkt entrance with parrots pun dia mcm nak nangis. Haha. Hey young man! Be brave.
Gambar from my phone tak banyak. So sad. I think my phone need a storage upgrade. (hint: iphone7)
My current phone (iP5s) suffers from extremely low storage. Amik video sikit>> insufficient storage. Ambil gambar lebih sikit >> insufficient storage. Whatspp msges lupa clear je >> insufficient storage. Oh! Bummer.

So this is all I got. More on my Instagram.

And then 2 days before the long weekend ends, we went to melaka to visit the in laws. Dahnye alang2 kat melaka we plan an activity for the kids. So off we went to Jonker Street on Monday after cny. Selama ni tak pernah tau pun ada Mamee House kat situ. But location-wise was a turn-off due to certain reasons. 1. congested traffic 2. crowds 3. doesn't feel like you are in your own country though. #sosad. The traffic heading to town was unbelievably bad it took almost 30-40 minutes to even reach 10km. Cray cray sangat.

Sara had fun at Mamee House. Adib pun kemain dia happy. We registered for "Mamee chef" to experience the mamee noodle making process. They teach us how to make mamee from preparing the dough, designing your own noodle package (scribble), then prepare the noodle (cut it into slices using specific machine/tool), season the noodle and tadaaa>> u'll get your own mamee noodle hehe.  It took around 90 minutes per session. And oh tell you what. We finally got to taste the famous Jonker88 cendol!! walaupun tak dapat meja. dapat duduk je. takpelah yg penting we ols dah rasa ok the famous and yummyyyy cendol and ais kacang. Mmg sedap. Cant beat the sweetness of gula melaka in your cendol. Mmg terbaiklah. Oh boi I'm salivating while I'm writing this. Kecur liur teringat cendol tu hoih huhu~~

Ok I ended with phots. Till then!


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