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Where do I start?

1. I have, in fact too many unpublished posts. I'd initiate the writing, but most of the posts ended up in a draft folder. I hope this one will get to be published.

2. I think I am a psychotic goth. Sara is only 6 and I have started to worry about how / where she will 'stay' when she starts secondary school. I don't think it is wrong to be worried right. I am her mom I have the right and reasons to be worried. My husband must have thinks I am weird. It's still years to go I know I know but I can't help it. Bummer.

3. I've settled for new shoes for my convocation. Tudung je belum ada. Tomorrow perhaps.

4. Oh yeah happy birthday to me. So I am 34, technically. But I feel I am way younger.

5. Mak and Abah is now in madinah since 9th Aug for pilgrimage (Haji) and inshaAllah they will be brought to Mekah tomorrow (Thursday) for Ihram. We pray that they will be in a good health to perform the hajj and that they will rewarded with 'haji mabrur'. Aamiin. And oh they will be back on 25th Sept. InshaAllah. Can't wait. I miss them. I think Sara misses her Wan too because she keeps on asking when wan will be back etc etc. Hehe.

6. A little update about the kids.
She's doing well. Her reading (english and bahasa) is mind-blown. Phew. Alhamdulillah the progress was pretty quick. She needs more practice on Math. Because I noticed dia mcm dah ada lupa2 sikit, Iqra pun ok. She's now in book 3. Catching up pretty fast too. Skrg dah nak masuk "dhommah".

This one little guy ni mmg lasak sangat but yet pretty much sweet and friendly. He is such a darling. Peramah dia ni. Kalau pegi makan ke apa ke semua orang lah dia nak sapa n tegur, of course in his own way. Going to 1 year 4 m soon, now he can eat family food. In fact he eats almost everything. But there is always a limit. Well you know me. I am food-freak like that. Still on mom's milk, alhamdulillah.

7. Our Disneyland trip is just around the corner. Few things need to be done before end of the month
    i. Hotel booking
    ii. Disneyland tickets

Ok I gotta go.

Publish! Hehe.


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