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Ayra Hana birth story

I have the urge to write the birth story of our 3rd baby since the earlier days of her life.
But keep on procrastinating. 

I had experience induced labour during both Sara and Adib's delivery. The pain was - bearable but really was so strong I couldn't put them in words. I never had the chance to feel the "normal" contraction with these two so I was hoping and praying for a natural and smooth delivery for Ayra.  No more induced labour.

and Alhamdulillah Allah has answered my prayers. 

It was Friday after lunch where I started to feel like sakit perut memulas. It was unlikely period pain as described by many, it's more to rasa nak membuang camtu la, senang explain kan haha. But the pain was repeating. Sakit, lepas tu hilang, lepas 5 mins dtg balik. But no sign is shown. Tpi bila rasa baby dah asyik mengeras, I know it was almost - time. So I pun bersiap, peluk sayang Adib (he stayed at home with my mom n dad), salam everyone asking for dua' (sedih pulak time ni) and then around 4 off to hospital. We arrived in KPMC half an hour later and straight brought to labour room for initial check - CTG and cervix dilation. And to our surprise, I was already 5 cm dilated. Midwife bagi ubat sub lepas tu tunggu dalam bilik sementara nak sampai fully dilate. Then came the doctor. Oh, for Ayra I opted a lady specialist - Dr Anita Rina. She's a very calm doctor. Mmg calm habis la huhu. She check my cervix open and it was 7cm lepas tu terus pecahkan air ketuban. And soon after, datanglah sakit yang bertubi2 tu. It was very fast. masa tu pukul dekat pukul 6 kot, and not long after,I was already in labour room sbb dah almost fully dilate and dah rasa nak membuang. 

Paling suspen dalam labour room. I think I was impatient too. Tau nak cepat teran, nak cepat baby keluar, nak cepat2 habis sakit. Sampai I was so tired, and started requesting for vacuum. Tapi masa tu ada midwives, nurse and of course my husband je. Yang midwife dok suruh rileks, teran slow slow je. Sambil mengiring pun boleh. Ok I tried to. Tapi bila sakit tu datang mmg sumpah tak tahan. To the point I couldn't take it sampai cakap kat MM, nak vacuum, tak larat dah. MM pun dah risau dah. Midwife suruh try lagi while Doctor handle case labour sebelah. And labour room sebelah pun tengah guna vacuum. Camne tuh?? And to worsen thing, vacuum yang ada in my labour room tu pulak tak boleh guna, out of nothing ok? Weird sangat. And menguji sangat. Doctor was still not there, masa tu Maghrib,  diorang cakap Doctor solat and I was still trying. Sampai pucat muka MM ckp. And he was worried sick, God knows. I was almost crying. Because one, I was worried if anything happen to the baby (but believe me she was strong), two. I couldn't hold on to the pain anymore. Kat mulut n dalam hati memang asyik baca ayat Nabi Yunus je. And then suddenly this lady entered into our room, not a midwife, neither a nurse. I guess she is a staff sbb dia ada bawa file. I remember had glanced into her face, masa tu contraction baru datang and I heard she said, teran kuat puan, kuat lagi, sikit lagi. Tiba2 rasa macam magic because I could feel the energy, the urge and the courage to push to the limit. I hold my breathe and terus push kuat-kuat. Ini kalilah (I heard my mind saying). And tiba2 rasa kepala baby dah keluar, lagi la semangat terus keep on pushing, hold breathe and there she is-- slowly coming out to see the world. Alhamdulillah. Apparently midwife yang sambut Ayra, sbb tgh2 Ayra keluar baru Doctor masuk. Memang MM ckp midwife tu sangat cekap. Dia pegang kepala Ayra very firmly (sbb takut termasuk dalam balik). Ya Allah, serius lega, happy and sedih sangat all around. Mixed feeling. I cried thankfully as I saw Ayra for the first time. The best moment when you have safely gave birth to your child.

Come to think of it, maybe it has been destined that way. Allah is answering my prayer nak bersalin normal and natural. Sebab tu :
1. Tak kena induced
2. Vacuum tiba-tiba rosak, so Ayra tak kena vacuum
3. Doctor lambat masuk or maybe sengaja lambat sbb if she was there and I request for vacuum she has the right to allow.
MashaAllah. Allahuakbar.

So, three kids, three different experiences.

Sara, induced, keluar meluncur laju, 2.7 kg, 6.58pm, 15.11.2010, OBG Allahyarham Dr Jamil.
Adib, induced, vacuum assisted, 3.2 kg, 1.50 pm, 28.4.2015, Dr Haizal
Ayra, natural, slow and steady :) 3.4 kg, 7.55pm, 4.5.2018, Dr Anita Rina

Alhamdulillah for these three miracles Ya Allah. They completed me as a mother. And they made our family complete.

May Allah protect, bless and guide them.

Thank you Allah. 
Thank you my husband for being there for me. Three times to witness the birth of ours. 
Thank you my parents. And the rest of the family.

I love them all.

And well, introducing our 'not-so-new' (dah 4 bulan dah hehe) family member.

Ayra Hana binti Muhamad Mukhlis

Pakai baju mama sebab rindu 

Few minutes after she was born

Met kakak for the first time, the next day

Siblings reunited with love :)


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