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Long overdue post

Blog dah lawa tapi tak update jugak. I don't know what I have been busy with. I think the drive is just not there. Haha.

But I think blogging is still relevant, right. Because I still see people updating their blogs. So you've gotta blog walking read theirs.

Oklah nak update about Adib's 2nd birthday bash and our recent trip to Bukit Tinggi. Rasa rugi pulak kalau tak update. I should keep those memories for us reminisce later on.

1. We celebrated Adib's birthday few days after his exact birth date in Kedah. The little tyke turned 2 on 28th April 2017. I know I know. I still remember when he was still a tiny baby. Now he's almost a toddler.
So I ordered balloons from FB (ni jenuh Google), bought a cake and off we go to Nando's Aman Central to celebrate with our dear little family and my parents. Everything was impromptu, except the balloon lah. It was just a simple one. But Sara and Adib were so happy. Obviously Sara yang paling excited kan. Knowing her, she loves birthdays. She's just can't wait to blew the candle. Suka betul dia. Lepas tu shopping kat H&M and we're home.

Birthday boy and his excited Kakak ;)

Cake from Kedai Kek Sayang. Cantik. I love it. Tapi tak banyak choice.

Penggemar nasi =)

Adib takut mascot. Boo!

Tengok cake ni boleh pulak terasa nak makan kek. Puasa oih puasa.

2. Two weeks before Ramadhan we went for a holiday in Bukit Tinggi. A short one. Sebenarnya nak pergi tempat sejuk je. Genting is not an option. Bila ntah nak siap park baru tu. Cameron Highland is too far and there's no such activities for the kids. So I guess they will get bored. MM suggested Sabah. Hamboi, not with a short notice ye. Nak gi jauh2 ni kena plan bukan sehari dua. So for now, bukit tinggi is the most relevant. Lagipun nanti school break kan masa puasa, so it is impossible to go for a trip during puasa kan. Tak best lah. Because for me a trip/ holiday is more meaningful accompanied with good makan-makan place. Macam Penang. Wahhh heaven habis sambil bercuti sambil makan sedap2. Ahh rindu penang.

Bukit Tinggi is still the same from our last visit was 5 years ago if I can recall. Takde yang berubah pun. Masa tu Sara baru 1yr plus. Masih ada swan putih n hitam. Eh I wonder pulak tetiba, is it the same swan? Haha. It can't be. Anyway, tempat ni chill je. Kalau nak jalan-jalan pun confirm takkan penat. We spent most of our time lepak dalam bilik, pastu mandi swimming pool, tengok performance, and drink coffee. Haha. How cool was that? So relaxing. And oh our room was super huge. It has separate living and dining hall and bedroom. Lepas tu siap ada make up room attached to the super huge toilet. Has balcony as well (a must-have when I choose a hotel room).

We went to Animal Park on the first and second day. Skipped the Japanese Garden due to rainy days. Sara berani2 takut jugak dengan rabbit. Nak bagi food pun main baling2 je. Haih. Adib on the other hand lagi la teruk. Penggeli sangat dia tu. Langsung taknak turun. Nak dukung je. There were rabbits, deer, horse. Tapi deer situ suka kejar orang la. Stress mak.

On the way home we thought of nak singgah Genting Sempah makan durian. But cancelled it because the kids were asleep. But overall the trip was fun and went well. Lepas ni mengeram je la kat rumah until next trip. Kena tunggu school holiday lagi la. I plan for JB in September. Ah can't wait!

All I can say is, when your kids are happy, so you are. ;)

Til then. Love.

Waiting for check in


Dining hall

Living hall

Make up room

The only descent family photo we managed during the trip

Ni la swan yang gigit MM's butt tu #lol

Lokasi wajib bergambar

Animal park.

Sara and rabbit

Hero sangat! =P


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